Cookie policy

Last updated on May 19th, 2024

We value your privacy and the trust you place in us. Please be assured that we take great care to protect the privacy and confidentiality of any personal data you share with us.

This page, which is updated regularly, describes how we manage cookies and protect your personal data on the website (hereafter the "Website").

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are files, temporarily stored on your computer's or phone's browser, used to operate websites and/or to collect information about your browsing.

A cookie can be classified according to its lifetime and the domain to which it belongs. Depending on its lifetime, a cookie can be :

  • a session cookie that is deleted when the user closes the browser; or
  • a persistent cookie that remains on the user's device for a predefined period of time.

Depending on the domain they belong to, they are either:

  • first party cookies that are deposited by the page visited and share the same domain; or
  • third-party cookies that come from a different domain than the one of the visited page. This can happen for example when the visited page contains an object, for example JavaScript, located outside its domain.

In addition to these characteristics related to their operation, cookies are generally divided into four categories according to their purpose:

  • - essential cookies are necessary for the operation of the site and allow navigation or the use of the site's services and functionalities (session identifier, authentication, security, multimedia content player, balancing, language or preferences, etc.)
  • Statistical analysis cookies collect information on the use of the site by visitors (for example, which pages of the site are most frequently visited) and make it possible to improve its operation,
  • advertising cookies are used to understand your browsing habits and activities and can be used to establish your consumption profile in order to offer you adapted advertising content,
  • - Social network cookies are used to track members and non-members of social networks for marketing analysis and product development purposes.

Cookies do not generate or transmit viruses.

2. Use of cookies by HOP!

HOP! may collects information specific to the user's computer in order to improve the user's experience.

The only cookies used are :

  • those related to the collection of your consent to our cookies; and
  • Those related to the optimization of the display of the Website on your device.

When you browse the Website, you have the choice to accept or decline the storage of cookies on your browser. This choice only applies to cookies that qualify as "non-essential", in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL and the relevant regulatory framework.

3. Deletion of cookies

HOP! has limited the cookies on the Website to what is necessary for its proper display. You can always delete these essential cookies and trackers directly on your browser:

Vous pouvez aussi gérer votre consentement aux cookies de notre Site à tout moment via la case à cocher relative au cookie d’exclusion, en bas de la présente page. Un cookie sera alors déposé sur votre navigateur pour marquer votre consentement ou refus des autres traceurs.

Note: If you choose to deactivate cookies, you will not be recognized when you return to the Website. You may have to manually adjust certain preferences each time you visit a site because some services and features may not work.

To revoke your consent more generally with respect to behavioral advertising, you may also visit: Your Online Choices..