About us

«Our missions: to give our customers a taste for travel and to satisfy them, making it easier for them to get around thanks to flights that are both fast and comfortable!»

Hervé BOURY, President of HOP!

The company

HOP! mainly serves Roissy-CDG and Lyon-St Exupéry airports.

With routes in France and Europe, we meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers, enabling them to reach their final destination directly or to connect with other Air France Group and partner routes (connections via hubs).

On a daily basis, flight safety and service quality are our top priorities.

Committed to reducing our environmental impact, our company takes action to offer you a more responsible travel experience.

Flights per day

French and European destinations


The main HOP! sites

Most of our teams are based at Paris-CDG, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Nantes.

The 1,500 men and women of HOP! work on the ground (maintenance and support functions) and/or as flight crews (cabin crew and cabin crew). The latter represent 60% of our workforce.


Based in Nantes, it houses most of the company's management and support functions, including the CCO.

Flight crew and support services

Our PN base is located at Paris-CDG airport (T2G).
PN support functions (HR training, etc.), the design office and certain flight safety functions are located in the Air France building at Roissypole.

Maintenance center

Located in Clermont-Ferrand, the site brings together the main activities of our Engineering & Maintenance Division.

Aircrew base and maintenance hangar

Lyon's Saint Exupéry airport is home to a PN base and a maintenance department dedicated to minor repairs.

Our professions

Flight attendant

HOP! flight attendants have a real ability to adapt to their environment, to specific situations, to the crew and to the type of customer.

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Airline pilot

Captains and co-pilots have to have a real passion for flying, as well as intellectual, psychological and physical skills.

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& Maintenance

The staff of the Engineering & Maintenance Department demonstrate a strong team spirit, rigor and reliability in strict compliance with regulations.

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Support et Exploitation Aérienne

Employees in support functions and flight operations usually work in teams, adapting to changes in their professions and to the Company's strategy.

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Our fleet

Travel in complete safety aboard our aircraft.

To offer you a safe and pleasant travel experience, HOP! has built up a reliable, high-performance fleet.

Flight safety :
our top priority!

HOP! aims to maintain and continuously improve the level of safety of its flight operations, in order to protect our passengers and crews and guarantee the integrity of our aircraft.

A safety culture: a daily commitment

HOP! complies with applicable aviation safety regulations in all aspects of its operations. The Company implements rigorous procedures for maintenance, staff training, flight planning, risk management and aircraft performance monitoring.
This includes safety awareness, risk analysis and the adoption of new technologies and practices to improve the safety of flight operations.

In addition to these actions, HOP! is committed to a proactive approach to continuous improvement in flight safety. Working groups on the subject are organized in collaboration with Air France and within the ERA (European Regions Airline Association).

We also collaborate with other operators of the same type of aircraft, the authorities, aircraft and equipment manufacturers, the French Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyse (BEA) and the leading international organizations in the field of flight safety.

Meeting the highest standards

HOP! complies with European regulations defined by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the high international standards of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

HOP! holds the following certifications and approvals:

  1. Air Carrier Certificate,
  2. Part M and Part 145 approvals,
  3. Part 21 approval,
  4. IOSA Certification (IATA Operational Safety Audit) This certification is issued by IATA and is renewed every 2 years, following an audit that examines over 750 standards. This certification, recognized worldwide by the air transport industry, attests to the fact that HOP! has the levels of quality, organizational rigor, control and operational management required by IATA in terms of air safety.

Going beyond standards for even greater safety

We believe that to maintain a high level of flight safety, strict compliance with international norms and standards is not enough.

At HOP! all operational and management staff are made aware of the importance of a safety culture, promoting feedback, risk assessment and information sharing.

All flights carried out by the company are systematically analyzed, using data recorded on board, to ensure that flight safety has been guaranteed in every respect.

Our social and environmental commitments reflect our values.

We are committed to defending them on a daily basis in all sectors of the Company.

Our environmental commitments

  • Eco-piloting : responsible piloting reduces fuel consumption on the ground and in the air. New practices, such as single-engine taxiing, are now possible and contribute to lower fuel consumption.
  • Route and flight plan optimization : Thanks to innovative tools, our pilots are able to optimize their trajectories, adjust their fuel load as closely as possible to their needs... and thus achieve significant savings in on-board fuel.
  • Sustainable aviation fuel : In June 2022, HOP! operated its first flights fuelled with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). This first step illustrates the Company's determination to move towards more responsible travel by gradually increasing the proportion of biofuels in our fuel tanks, in line with the commitments made by the Air France Group.
  • Carpooling : Our employees are encouraged to carpool for their business trips using the KAROS application. In this way, everyone can reduce their environmental impact!

Our social commitments

  • Diversity: On a day-to-day basis, HOP! is committed to promoting diversity, supporting equal opportunities and fostering a working environment that respects everyone's differences (e.g. adapting workstations to accommodate disabilities). HOP! has also signed a sponsorship agreement with the Personn'ailes association (the Air France KLM group's LGBTQI+ association). The aim of this collaboration is to improve the inclusion of LGBTQI+ staff within the Company, and to take action to combat stereotypes and discrimination.
  • Gender equality in the workplace : For several years now, HOP! has been committed to a policy aimed at achieving genuine professional equality. Numerous initiatives have been taken to reduce the pay gap between men and women and promote gender diversity.
  • Quality of life at work : The continuous improvement of our employees' working conditions is one of our priorities. This commitment is reflected in the many measures we have put in place to promote well-being in the workplace (development of teleworking, access to a network of social workers and psychologists, personalized support, etc.).
  • Health at work : Safeguarding health and reducing occupational risks and accidents are a major focus of our commitments. Numerous prevention, awareness-raising and communication initiatives are deployed to improve health and safety in the workplace (encouraging ergonomic postures to limit musculoskeletal disorders [MSDs], respecting the wearing of personal protective equipment [PPE], etc.).
  • Support for associations : Throughout the year, HOP! is committed to defending solidarity causes in partnership with associations. To support the fight against cancer and AIDS, and to raise passenger awareness of illnesses and break taboos, special flights are operated in cooperation with the Hôtesses de l'Air Contre le Cancer and the Hommes de l'Air. Through initiatives such as participation in charity races (Odysséa, La Courstache, etc.), HOP! employees demonstrate their commitment to sharing these human values within our airline.