HOP! takes a stand against LGBTIphobia

Last April, Air France, Transavia and HOP! signed a three-year four-party agreement with Personn'Ailes Air France' Group's LGBT+ association.

Thanks to substantial financial support from the 3 airlines, Personn'Ailes will be able to develop and carry out its various actions.

As part of the international day against LGBTIphobia,
On May 17, HOP! and its partners organized 3 "rainbow" flights from Roissy to Warsaw and Clermont-Ferrand, then from Lyon to Nantes.

Personn'Ailes, created in 2001, is the first LGBTI+ and gay-friendly association of a French airline. For over 23 years, its aim has been to promote acceptance of diversity, sexual orientation and gender identity within the Group.

Thank you to all our employees for their commitment!